OS-Easy Cloud Desktop

E-One OS-Easy Fusion Desktop Cloud Solution

Cloud Desktop Solution is the trend forward especially during this Covid-19 pandemic crisis when staffs and students are restricted from entering schools and campuses.

Compared with the traditional teaching in lab environment with different desktop architecture and the difficulties in maintaining desktop PCs on a large scale basis, virtual or cloud desktops are particularly suitable these days to provide remote access effectively with limited budget.

Thus, the answer is E-One OS-Easy Fusion Desktop Cloud Solution.

OS-Easy Fusion Desktop Cloud (Fusion DC) is a solution platform that integrates VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), VOI (Virtual OS Infrastructure) and IDV (Intelligent Desktop Virtualization) desktop technology architecture.

It is specifically tailored and developed for the education sector in order to meet the current growing needs of different teaching scenes, and to deliver virtual teaching to environments with different desktop architecture. It is particularly suitable for large-scale, complicated and mixed scenes such as public computer labs, training rooms, 3D computer labs, language labs, multimedia classrooms, libraries, teacher offices, etc.

The OS-Easy Fusion DC package is inclusive of:

  • OS-Easy Fusion Server
  • OS-Easy Thin Client Terminal (can re-use old machine)
  • OS-Easy Fusion DC License
  • OS-Easy Multimedia Classroom Management System (optional)