Smart Recording & Streaming

KZ-NP6000 PLUS Smart Recording System and HD Broadcasting



Expansion of the Existing Smart Classroom

The demand for digital transformation in education has reached new heights. Recorded lesson in a classroom are very important. These are the key points;

  • Video recorded can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • Some students/ participant having difficulties in high speed bandwidth, etc to join online lessons.
  • Quality checking on lecturers’ teaching techniques, quality lesson delivery.
  • Projection of good image and value of an educational institution.


Smart Recording & HD Broadcasting Solution; ME-100 PLUS with Professional PTZ HD Camera

Matching the latest equipment technology and trend, what are the next thing you should think of?

It is our SWIPE 4.0 concept. Solution for Classroom Recording with the ability to record a T&L activity together with the content using ME-100 and also to track lecture and students using Professional PTZ HD Camera.


ME-100  is a Recording System and HD Live- Broadcasting for Smart Classroom. This is the solution that will deliver the great quality for recorded video and seamless broadcast system without breaking your budget.

  1. One Button Start
  2. 7 Multiple Input
  3. Layout Combination
  4. Web Control
  5. Cloud Storage


One Button Quick Start

Record your Teaching & Learning session in a classroom with just ONE CLICK button

Use “Quick Start” button to activate all desired functions by one click. Live broadcasting, recording, and the resolutions can be pre-set as “Quick Start”.


Layout Combination

Stream like a pro! User have 9 default layouts to choose.

7 Multiple Input SDI and HDMI


Video MP4 format

Video auto generate in MP4 format! There is no need for you to convert the video file. Conversion file is not that easy when you need to convert 5 mega file video size 100GB, RIGHT?


Web Control

Combine Tracking or PTZ Camera with the KZ-NP6000 PLUS and you have total control of all functions remotely.

Full-Functioned Web Control is a On-site/ online director where The administrator can access the control page via the desktop through network and practice distanced director.


SWIPE Professional Teacher Tracking Camera

Featuring frame rates up to 1080p60. Can simultaneously output two channels of HD video, H.265/H.264 compression technologies, HDMI, SDI, and support WDR, backlight compensation (BLC) and 2D/3D digital noise suppression, 20x Optical Zoom, 12x Digital Zoom.

SWIPE Teacher Tracking Camera + PTZ gives you professional level quality, performance, and total flexibility.

Built-in high-speed processor, which adopts leading human detection and image tracking analysis algorithms to lock the target and identify the position. Therefore you don’t need any external tracking sensors or additional supportive camera!


Lecturer Auto Tracking Camera & Student Auto Tracking Camera



Back-end Support, SWIPE Cloud Video Management Directories


Using SWIPE Cloud,  you can stream live your training sessions, T&L activity, customized your channel, managing  your content and many more.

SWIPE Cloud is a cloud storage a place where we can manage our multimedia content and all resources that was recorded or streamed by KZ-NP6000.

One of the SWIPE Cloud feature is Integrated Control & Management.


Integrated Control & Management

Using SWIPE Cloud, you will be able to integrate with existed administration systems from the third parties.

SWIPE Cloud allow admin to edit settings of encoders and cameras online.

Now you can rest easy in the knowledge that SWIPE Cloud has you covered for all workflow situations.


There are many more SWIPE Cloud Features;

  1. Live Stream Channels Management
  2. Online Editing Video Clips
  3. Video Files Conversion
  4. Recording Management
  5. Personal Space Management
  6. More Management Modules