OS-Easy Recovery System

OS-Easy Recovery System Version 'OSS' (Operational System Support)
  1. Too much restrict in computer lab?
  2. Need for an interactive platform for effective teaching and learning?
  3. Lost track on computer hardware/ software usage?
  4. Difficult to control user behavior?
  5. How to maintain computers in good conditions?
With OS-Easy Version 'OSS'
  • User can enjoy the freedom of personalized PC user environment.
  • IT administrator can enjoy full PC recovery functions and maintenance and avoid PC downtime.
  • Academician can have a platform for teaching and learning.
  • Management will save costs by tracking PC assets and understanding actual user’s behavior.
OS-Easy Version 'OSS' Does All The Following :
  1. Hardisk Recovery System.
  2. One PC to Multi OS Channels.
  3. Desktop OS Virtualisation.
  4. Add-Clone Technology for Software Deployment.
  5. Computer Classroom Management and Network Management System.
  6. Desktop Management System.

PCI-Express Card
Available in OSS-Smart, Pro & Ultimate Version
Available only in Ultimate Version
Harddisk Recovery System
Just need to reboot to recover your PC to default settings.
'Add-Clone' Technology for Software Deployment
“Add-clone” helps you in its mass installation and deployment abilities with efficiency and stability.

“Add-clone” enables incremental and differential capturing of data changes made since your last transfer.

One PC to Multi OS Channels
It allows administrator to create up to 256 channels from one real OS in the Master PC.

Computer Classroom Management System

OS-EASY provides tools for managing computer lab. You can monitor and control clients PC's remotely, remote wake up on LAN, shutdown, broadcasting file deployment, remote recovery mode switching, lock keyboard and mouse, remotely enter channel OS, parameter settings, Anti-ARP attack, bandwidth control, student operation log etc...

User Behavior Management Module
  1. Application usage control
  2. Hardware usage control
  3. Remote desktop control and monitoring
  4. Remote command
  5. Remote block screen
Network Security Module
  1. Auto prevention of ARP attack
  2. Restrict access to improper website
  3. Network Bandwidth Management
  4. Monitor internet usage and activity
Assets Management Module
  1. Auto collection and update of asset information
  2. Asset record and request
  3. Alert on inventory changes
  4. Generate hardware/ software assets report
PC Environment Setting Module
  1. Support Multi-OS mode
  2. One OS to Multi Channel System
  3. Desktop OS Virtualization.
  4. Differential/ Add-clone function under Windows/ DOS mode
  5. Auto IP assigned to multiple OS
  6. Unified software registration
  7. Changes of user log in names by badges
  8. Instant recovery and Add-clone function for Linux OS
Strategy management
  1. Application metering
  2. Program using record
  3. Internet usage record

Application Metering Module
  1. Application usage record and management
  2. Internet/ network usage record & management
  3. Administrator operational record and management
Modules Features Detail Product Versions
OSS-Smart OSS-Pro OSS-Ultimate
Restrict Computer Operation Roll-call Each client side computers can enter student ID or name as an attendance system to manage a computer lab or classroom. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Program using control Generate black and white application list and effective hours to manage the student computers' allowed and disallowed application or program. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Device control Remotely limit or disable the student computers' device, such as USB, removable, virtual and physical CD-ROM. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Intranet Screen Monitor Monitor multiple student screens in the segment, and can remote control the screen. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Inter-network Screen Monitor Cross-segment to monitor student's screen, real-time monitoring the student's activities. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Lock screen in disconnection from network Prevent students from unplugging network cable to escape computer management, when the network is disconnected, the student computer screen will automatically lock. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
A key to unfreeze restrictions A key to unfreeze all computers operation restrictions. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Batch control of client PCs Send message, remote shutdown, remote log off, remote restart, remote lock, remote wake up, remote synchronize time and remote command. 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Network Security Module Client ARP defense All student computers within the network can defend ARP attack, to ensure the internal network security. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Check client network Real-time Ping the connection of the center server and client computers 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Data flow control Set up the network flow control to specified student computers, such as upload data flow, and download data flow in kbps. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Network access restrictions Can restrict student computer to connect to intranet and external network. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Software deployment Module Support Multi-OS Support DOS, Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating system, the maximum support to install 15 OS. 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Add-Clone Support DOS/ Windows dual-menu operation, in compression mode, clone speed reaches 1.2GB/min in fast network, 2-3.8GB/min in Gigabit Network. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Virtual OS Quickly create a new virtual OS based on existing operating system, independent to be protected and restored, the management side can do batch operations. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Virtual Desktop Quickly set up the permissions to create an individual virtual desktop environment for normal users. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Multi-IP for multi-OS For different operating system in different network segments, to set different IP range for them to achieve the private network usage. 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Software unified registration Use hardware virtualization technology, do not need to activate application again after data or network cloning. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Modify OS login name Modify the operating system login name in batch for computer management. 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Send file Allow teacher to send teaching resources or materials to student computers in batch for the purposes of teaching and learning in computer lab or classroom. 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Collect file Support collect files from student computers in batch, and stored in folders on teacher PC according to the student name and ID key in at student PC. 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Enter receiving state Make the selected client computers quick access to network cloning receiving state./td> 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
OS Protection & Recovery Module Instant restore DOS and Windows Support DOS, Windows, Linux, Instant restoration. 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Instant restore Linux Instant restoration for Linux like Fedora, Redhat, FreeBSD, Ubuntu etc. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
DOS I/O intercept Construct I/O filter module in DOS, actively defend virus infection and destruction. 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Dot not restore anti-virus software database/ virus database update In case of the PC system is in protected mode, the anti-virus software database updating will not be restored. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Do not restore appointed file/ File penetration In case of the PC system is in protected mode, set any specified file or folder that will not be restored to keep the file or folder in updated status. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
File auto backup/ Document backup Any file changes in the system with protected mode, automatically backup specified file type to a specified location set by user. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Custom restore cycle or period Users can customize the disk partitions to be restored (or cleared) every daily, weekly, monthly or manually. 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Dos parameter settings Manage in batch of DOS parameter setting of OS-EASY system for one or all computers. 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Uninstall DOS driver Provide uninstallation of one or all computers. 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Asset Management Module Collect asset information Remotely collect the software and hardware asset information on student computers. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Alarm in asset change Real-time monitoring the student computers' hardware and software information changes, and send alert to the administrators. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Confirm asset change Confirm the normal asset changes, and recorded in the database for future reference. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Query asset change Student PC's hardware and software changes are automatically saved in the database, and can be queried in the future. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Export asset report According to a variety of assets changes, data can be customized to generate reports quickly to complete the assets statistical work and export to excel or text file. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Statistics Module Program running record All student PCs used program will be recorded, and can be queried in the future. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Internet using record All student PCs visited website will be recorded, and can be queried in the future. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114
Management-side operation log Records all management-side's management and maintenance operations, and recorded as log for future query. 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us1-114x114 1398917957_correct-us-119x114