About Us

E-One Technology Sdn. Bhd.

E-One Technology Sdn. Bhd. was established on 28th January 2000 with its core business being a Total Solution Provider for ICT covering software, hardware, equipment and customized solutions, and has provided proven solutions and applications for universities, colleges, schools and training centers, government agencies and corporate offices in private sector.
We also form strategic alliances with other local and oversea ICT partners that complement our core businesses.

Our Vision

To become the top I.T provider and creator of ecosystem for educational and business sectors in South East Asia and beyond.
Our Mission
Our core innovation is in wireless technology which will enhance mobility, enabling BYOD and increase productivity at work place and in schools.
We aim to unleash the full human potential of the people in the education and business sectors. So that people can present, interact, teach and learn easier and better.
We setup cloud computing and network infrastructure so that information and content can be created, stored and retrieved faster and safer, anytime anywhere.

OS-Easy Cloud

Since 2008, E-One has been partnering with OS-easy Cloud Technology Ltd to distribute the PC Recovering and Monitoring System in Malaysia.
In 2016, echoing the advancement and increasing demand in the cloud computing technology, E-One introduced the EVDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and cloud solutions to our customers.
Since then, we have gained enormous support and purchases from clients in different sectors.


We have also the new SWIPE solutions or SMART WIRELESS INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION AND EDUCATION SYSTEM that help schools and colleges to set up smart learning space and smart classroom.
The SWIPE solutions are the combination of wireless presentation technology, E-Learning content creator, VR and cloud system for the engagement and interaction of teachers and students.
Now, E-One has grown to become a full fledged technology company. We always look to new area of technology advancement and we have our own R&D department that researches new solutions, products and system that are profitable to our stakeholders.