HanweiApp – Offline to Online Teaching & Learning


Product info

HanweiApp is an innovative mobile teaching tool that allows teacher to use mobile devices to sync with classroom PC using simple Wi-FI or Hotspot connection. Teacher will then share content of PC to any form of displays.

Teaching and learning in classrooms will not be the same as traditional classroom.It is more interactive, lively and engaging with students’ participations. 

Product Features

Mobility in Teaching

Teaching USING own tablet or smartphone. No more bounds of blackboard and platform, delivering lessons by moving among students to attract students’ attention; flexible blackboard styled writing, stay away from chalk dust.


 Explanation On-The-Go

Just screen shot any classroom assignment or students’ works. Present it in High-Definition, real time and comparison-based explanation mode.


 Random Choice and Comment

Randomised choices, spontaneous answers, instant comments will catch student’s attention and creating more vigorous classroom environment.


 Resource Pool for Classroom Test

Easily conduct quizzes which are self-produced or from the question bank.


 Microlecture -Recording while Giving Lessons

Recording while teaching in the classroom and create original video resources efficiently; Turn the one-time “teaching” into continuous “learning” to achieve efficient self-review.


 Teaching Statistics

Real-time statistics of learning data for teaching analysis; Visualization of students’ progresses.

HanweiApp – Offline to Online Teaching & Learning